Royal Mail depots

Royal Mail depotsThe Royal Mail, established in 1516, is the largest mail collection and delivery service company in the United Kingdom. It operates 12,000 Post Office branches and 52 Parcelforce Worldwide depots across the U.K, and delivers to 27 million addresses in the U.K. alone. It has operation and networking partners in 240 countries worldwide, to cover 99.6 percent of the world’s population. Many of these people need to phone the Royal Mail phone number every day.

Major Parcelforce Depots

The Parcelforce depot of Central London, located at Royal College Street, Camden, is one of the biggest Royal Mail depots. It offers customer parking facilities, facilities for disabled, including wheelchair access and low payment counters, customer toilets, customer reception area, and all other facilities. It is possible to send all types of parcels – Express, Priority, and Economy, both domestic, and international, from this facility.

The Parcelforce Edinburgh Depot, one of the biggest in Scotland, is located at Bankhead Crossway North, Sighthill Industrial Estate, and offers similar facilities.

Working Hours and Services Offered

Royal Mail depots are generally open between 8.15am and 6.00pm Monday through Friday, and 8.30am to 5.30pm on Saturdays. Royal Mail has recently decided to deliver parcels on Sundays as well. 

The Royal Mail Post Offices offer a host of services, such as ATM, ID verification services, foreign currency exchange, Home Office biometric enrolments, international driving permits, Lotto ticket sales and price payments, passport check and send services, checking and sending passport applications, taking travel insurance, and more, besides sending mail and Parcelforce express service.

It is possible to collect and send parcels, both within U.K, and international, through Parcelforce depots, and there are many options connected to these services. These depots also serve as delivery offices for Royal Mail.

Tracking the Nearest Depot

The Royal Mail website has a branch finder and depot finder app, which makes it possible to locate the nearest Royal Mail branch or Parcelforce depot on entering a postcode, or the first part of the postcode. The search lists the address, working hours, and contact numbers at these offices. 

It is also possible to list out the RoyalMail offices by typing in the name of the town, and/or by the services offered in the branches. There are 50 Royal Mail post offices in London alone.

Apart from relying on the depot finder app in the website, it is also possible to get the information on depots by calling RoyalMail helplines.