Royal Mail Complaints – 0843 487 1853

Royal Mail complaintsRoyal Mail complaints are handled by the Customer Services team as a first stage of any complaint. Customers may have problems with missing post, delayed post, damaged post or problems with Royal Mail staff. Compensation for service failure, eg with their Special Delivery services offering guaranteed next-day delivery, may be claimed by customers. If there are problems with sending items abroad, Customer Services can help – as can this Royal Mail guide.

How to contact Royal Mail

Customer Services can easily be contacted by phone using the Royal Mail complaints number. Lines are open from 8 am until 6 pm weekdays, and on Saturday, customers can phone from 8 am up to 1 pm. 

How Royal Mail complaints are dealt with

The customer is advised to have all details available before phoning so that the complaint can be dealt with efficiently. The first contact about a complaint should be made to Customer Services on the above number. Many complaints can be resolved by the advisor who can explain how to claim any compensation or give information about how the Royal Mail can help with the problem. The Royal Mail aims to complete all enquires and resolve a customer’s complaint within 30 days, but some cases involving international mail could take longer. 

There are two further levels for Royal Mail complaint resolution that can be requested. There is a second level, handled by The Escalated Customer Resolution Team, and the final level is administered by the Postal Review Panel. Even when the complaint is dealt with through these higher-level complaint stages, the case should be resolved within 90 days

What happens if the complaint is unresolved?

When all the stages have been exhausted, Royal Mail can issue the customer with a notice of this fact, called a “deadlock” notice. Customers who remain unhappy with their responses from Royal Mail can then take their case to the Postal Redress Service (POSTRS) which acts as an impartial ombudsman for postal services.

The ombudsman and the higher levels of complaint resolution within Royal Mail are not used by most customers. Many Royal Mail complaints are resolved satisfactorily by the Customer Services staff who are the first point of contact for any queries or complaints.